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China Design Centre

Concept 概念策划

LOGO 标识设计

VI 视觉系统

China Design Centre 中国设计中心

“The place to experience and collaborate with Chinese design and innovation.”

As a unique platform bringing together China and UK's creative industry, it offers in-depth consultancy services to foster collaborative projects and achieve the targeted goals. This covers the sectors such as urbanism and architecture, arts and crafts and creative design. 

The logo design shows the greeting to the world and inviting people to collaborate as it combines the Chinese character 中 means china; the shape of an opening door; the abstract shape of CDC. The Chinese part has done by the famous Chinese calligraphist Wang Donglin. It also gives a sense of space and participation. 

This project includes branding positioning, logo design and visual system design. 





此项目包含品牌策划,logo主视觉设计, 以及视觉系统设计拓展。

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