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Dot Juice

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Dot Juice

As the pioneer of cold-pressed juice, Dot Juice applies the most advanced cold-pressed technology to preserve the maximum of nutrition and explicit the best of its taste. The tastiest juice ever.

Its design combines the shape of a drop and a smile-like reflection to represent juice and happiness. Dot Juice is not only a tasty nutritional juice provider but also a health and joy founder. The customised font symbolises the sense of casual and brings the taste of free. The square expresses the concept of "complete and pure".


作为冷压果汁的先驱,点汁乐以最先进的冷压技术保留最纯正的口味, 最完整的营养。从没想过,果汁可以这样好喝。

设计以一个水滴的形象为主体,将笑脸和反光结合,表现“果汁”与“欢乐”。 点汁乐不仅是营养果汁提供者,更是欢乐和健康的缔造者。 别致的订制字体表达真实自然的气质,方框则体现了“完整纯正”的概念。

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