• ODP

Authentic plastic?

Naming 品牌命名

Concept 概念策划

LOGO 标识设计

VI 视觉系统

We helped LAO Plastic Industry (LPI) to define their new brand identity.

LPI provides cosmetic packaging solutions. An unrelenting commitment to design and quality ensures  clients  receive nothing less than world class products.

As the most advanced cosmetic bottle factory in China, LPI needs a new image for collaborating with the top brands of the world including Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder etc. To be distinctive and luxurious, the new look of LPI combining the essence of elegance and the touch of extreme quality.

Extracting the curvy lines from bottles, the logo we made with passion and the recognition of its own natural shape. The authentic plastics, with the touch of extreme.

劳仕塑业科技有限公司致力于以领先的科技,优质的服务, 创新的精神为国际一线化妆品牌提供最优包装解决方案。 我们专注于为客户提供极致的服务与体验。

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