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Rooroy,make it last

Rooroy as a pioneer for preserving luxurious leather goods, provides the most efficient series of products to revive the beauty of your shoes, bags and jackets.

We customize the Digital Magic concept for Rooroy. Each product has been given a number rather than a name to associate with different functions which turn it much easier and accessible for its users. Follow the number, preserve your loved goods at home, easy and efficient.

6 products, 3 gift boxes, frozen the beauty of from the first glimpse.


Rooroy,make it last

拥有不该是一瞬之间的触感,而是长久保留的承诺。 Rooroy作为奢侈品皮具护理领先品牌,为消费者提供最高效, 全方位的奢侈品皮具护理。

我们为罗欧意Rooroy量身倾力打造的数字魔法新形象,0到5号, 以简单好记的数字代替复杂的产品名称和功能。 仅需根据顺序使用,倒流时光,瞬间还原与心爱之物的初见之悸动。 解决了普通奢侈品护理产品的“功能繁琐”、“缺乏个性”、“同质化竞争”等等问题,


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