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Thor Block-chain

Concept 概念策划

LOGO 标识设计

VI 视觉系统

Thor Blockchian 金融交易社区

Thor Blockchain is a world-wide new platform for the futures exchange. Its innovative blockchain technology brings a groundbreaking scene for the futures exchange. As a new form of its kind, more freedom and efficiency is introduced to its clients. Compare to the traditional futures exchange platform, Thor Blockchain has more transparent data and requires no background checking and the proof of source of money which would save a significant amount of time. That all because of the most advanced blockchain technology supporting from behind.

More trust, less time. After a series of analysis and research, the core branding concept is defined as Freedom.

The logo is inspired by the mythology of Thor, god of thunder and the symbol of rising on the exchange screen.

Thor Blockchain作为一个成熟的交易社区,为打破传统金融交易市场的垄断和高门槛低效率,以先进的区块链技术作为核心支持,打造一个自由,高效,安全的投资交易平台。 其“投资交易”平台的本质可视作一道门,一把钥匙,一种可能性和启发。 为客户提供的是对机会的捕捉,对投资自由的解放。

根据行业提醒和品牌自身特点,我们设计为其设拟的品牌核心概念是“自由”。 品牌设计以“翅膀”,“闪电”以及投资中常见的“增长”符号为灵感, 呈现出一个稳重且锋利的品牌形象。 向客户深刻传达了高效投资,和自由投资的双重理念。

我们赋予的是积极挑战的勇气, 我们搭建的是通往自由的可能。

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