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Sale a bottle of time rather than a bottle of wine

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

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Tipsy time

Drifting with romance

Who says wine is only fora special occasion? Take off your social mask, join your best friends with a glass of quality liquor, indulge yourself in a drifting romance.

Tipsy time soften your wine experience with more intimacy. Every bottle in the store is all from Cru Classes.  

We marked out the essence of drinking wine is to play the idea of time.

Not like any other alcohol, wine needs time to taste.

So Tipsy Time as the brand, provide you the most deluxe experience with time

which you put full attention to wine and simple enjoyment with the loved ones.



谁说享受红酒一定要忍受礼服的拘束?脱下社交的面具, 在一个阳光午后与三两好友,亲启一瓶佳酿,享受禾穗带来的柔醉时光。

禾穗让享受红酒的时光变得柔软,亲密。 所有店内所售佳酿均来自法国波尔多列级酒庄,为您呈现精心酿造的时光沉淀之美。

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